Eddie and Amy Morris
In our quest to find out what makes Amy and Eddie “tick” we spoke with Amy recently. She is so sweet and unassuming. Self-described as “no frills”, Amy believes life should be about encouraging others to be happy and having fun. And their booths are full of items to do just that. They design, cut, build, sand, stain, and print, working as a team on projects, together in their garage.


RC: How did you get started?
AM: Well, I just do what I do, never really thought about it. Eddie enjoys creating as much as I do. He took carpentry in school many years ago, and I’ve always loved home décor and to create. It’s a fun “hobby/business”, that we can share and do together. We have 4 grown children and this is a great time for us to work together, watching Eddie get excited is fun and to see his pride, it makes me happy.
RC: Do you have a favorite item you produce and what do you see new coming in your future?
AM: I love LOTS of things! Especially “unique” things, one of a kind. We are looking to add garden shed type items that I am excited about. I include whatever falls in my path and I think it would be fun to start going to estate sales to add to our booths.
RC: Where do you get your inspiration from?
AM: I see things everywhere! Online, pinterest, but wherever I go I’m inspired! When I was 14, back in Ohio, I remember driving by homes, you know the ones with the big picture windows, the porches and all, they have more antiques I think back there, and I remember loving the evenings I could see the décor and the happiness that it brought families.
RC: Do you have a strategy as a dealer and advise for new dealers coming into RCTP?
AM: (Laughing) I just bring it and throw it in there! No, but really, people give me things, or sometimes, I order some items, but those things that interest me helps me create a “theme” to build on. I like to bring the unique but also fun and humorous items that encourage folks to create a warm inviting place with fun and happy things. I want to remind them we are here for a purpose.
RC: What is one of your favorite memories?
AM: I moved here long ago from Ohio. When my Mom would come to visit she and I would come to River City to shop together. It was such a great time for us to bond. We would see something that reminded us of old stories and special places. I still like to hear the customers coming in here doing the same things, talking and bonding!
RC: What’s the best advice you’ve ever been given?
AM: Treat others the way you want to be treated.
RC: What qualities do you value in the people with whom you spend time?
AM: People who are dependable and trustworthy!
RC: What five things could you NOT do without?
AM: Gosh, I don’t know… I’m a deep thinker so I want to take time to answer these questions. I think I’d have to say that #1 God and my Faith, #2 Music, everything from Prince to George Jones! #3 My makeup, it makes me feel happy! And, Nature and the birds. My kids laugh at me about bird watching, but its so peaceful and makes me think of the scripture (Matthew 6:26) where God will take care of even the lowly birds, so he will also take care of us.
Thanks Amy (and Eddie) for inspiring us!