She is talented, amiable, and a very clever individual. A child bride that has been married for 36 years to her husband, she refers to as “Hunka”.  A mother to four beautiful children who have given her three wonderful grandchildren. In the most loving way, she refers to them as her “Grandmonsters”. She is a seamstress that creates and sells one of a kind pieces for her Bunderosa Queen booth. Meet Kelly Bundy. BOOM!



RC: How did the nick name “Hunka” get started?

KB: Well, it's “Hunk of burnin' love” . A few years ago I started calling      him “Hunka” rather than his  name. It's just easier. I get the nick name thing from my Dad.


RC: When did you learn to sew?

KB: In the Fourth grade. My Mom gave me full reign over her sewing      machine and we both never looked back. If I wanted something, I        learned how to make it. It was an old Kenmore, and I really enjoyed it.

RC: Define Bunderosa:

KB: I created “The Bunderosa” when we moved to my In-laws's five          acres. I didn't want it to be called the “Bundy Farm” It became “The     Bunderosa”, whether my husband wanted it or not. So, I just plopped down a sign out front. I am the Queen, thus, Bunderosa Queen.


RC: What is your favorite saying or quote?

KB: “Be yourself, everyone else is taken”- Oscar Wilde. My 2nd favorite is from my baby girl when she was five. “I am my own person” She is true to that and I don't think it is a bad idea.


RC: Do you attend Yard Sales and Estate Sales?

KB: I would rather go to the thrift store, unless they are handy for me. I am always late (as you know) You have to be there early!


RC: What is your favorite thing about River City?

KB:  I love the people. But my favorite thing is when I walk in there, the entrance is always new. I love how the storefront is displayed. I do       like all of the staff.


RC: If you could walk into any painting and actually experience the             moment or scene, which painting would you choose to enter?

KB:: hmmm, let me think about that for a little bit. I think “The Last Supper” may be very interesting. To be realistic and around people. Or, Monet “The Water Lily Pond”.


RC: Do you have a favorite piece or collection?

KB: Oh my word! I collect a lot of things. They probably have zero      value. My favorite things are my family photos. Okay, when we have an ice storm, I am going to organize my photos. I know I won't though. I do like chickens too. (smiling)


RC: You're humor makes us smile. Your cards and whimsical objects         that you create. Have you always had a witty personality?

KB: Yes, pretty much. I get that from my Dad. My sisters are funny. My     oldest sister has recently started to laugh again and it's really nice to see her smile. My kids are so funny. I better not  say anything about my husband. I used to think Jerry Lewis was my Daddy. He reminded me so much of him. I like to make funny cards and see peoples reaction. My own creations make me laugh and I am actually my favorite person to be around. (smiling) Actually, there is a proper time for laughter. At my Daddy's funeral, they were supposed to play Brad Paisley's #12 song on the CD -“ When I Get to Where I'm Going” (Everyone was sad that Grandpa is gone) then in error they played the #2 song, Alcohol. We laughed and everyone knew that Daddy had something to do with it.


RC: What is your favorite childhood memory?

KB: I'm going to tear up. At Christmas, Dad came home from the Navy.     My sisters and I were 6, 4 and 2 years of age. He brought us coconuts. We had never seen them before and he sat down with us at our little table and we played “Old Maid” and had bubbles.  (smiling)