Chris Hobson

An Iowa Native, who has been a vendor and part of the River City family since 2002. He and his wife, Tracy, call Jenks home. If you were to look up the definition of kindness, you would see his name written here. He is kind, considerate, and warm hearted guy. Meet Chris Hobson!

RC: How long have you been interested in buying and re-selling?

CH: Probably since about 1999. In the essence of Antiques and Collectibles. I kind of stumbled onto it when I switched jobs. I started working for an Auction Company and realized it what a lucrative business it was.

RC: What is one item you own that you really should throw away and probably never will?

CH: That's tough! That really is a tough one! (Can we come back to this one?) laughing~ Probably, my couch. Laughing, it's seen better days. I probably will someday.

RC: How did you meet your wife?

CH: I grew up in Iowa and had just returned back home from Cleveland, TN for two years at Bible College. I met Tracy the summer I came back. I was supposed to go to a Steve Miller/Grateful Dead concert and ended up going to a party instead. I tricked my future wife into giving me a ride home from the party, and she jokingly, told a friend that she was going to marry me. Laughing. I have yet to see Steve Miller. I still have not seen the Grateful Dead. (RC: and he never will, Jerry  Garcia Aug 1, 1942- Aug 9, 1995, RIP)

RC: Five things you can't live without: 

CH: 1. Bible 2. Hope  3. Friends and Family (I could probably live without them, but you know....) 4. Recreation 5. Hard work

RC: What is your favorite thing about River City?

CH: Oh, the people. The friends and the people.

RC: Which month of the year would best describe your personality?

CH: That is really tough! I am leaning towards a Winter month. December. Because it is cheery and there's something in the air.

RC: What is the greatest treasure that you have ever found?

CH: One of the most favorite things would have to be a ring. My Grandpa had a ring with a soldier on it. After he died it went to one of my relatives. I was at an estate sale one time and I found the exact ring. Even though it wasn't his, I bought it because it reminded me of him. I should wear it more often.

RC: What is the best piece of advice you have ever received in your life?

CH: Man, Best piece of advice, …."Let it go"..... laughing; You know stress, etc... and in this industry too. "Let it Go!" Also, there was a show when I was a little boy kind of like “Captain Kangaroo”, the host would always close with “Take it Easy, Play it Safe and Be Careful”.

RC: Tell me about your participation in the Tulsa Opera.

CH: I'm a live prop. Laughing; A “Super”. We are often soldiers or in a bar scene. Usually, the crowd. My Melee group is how they found us. That's how we got started in the Tulsa Opera. Melee is probably my biggest passion.

RC: Favorite Music?

CH: I like lot's of Blues, and Folk Songs. I am really into Bluegrass. It just has so much culture in it.

RC: Favorite Quote?

CH: “A penny Saved is a penny earned” - Benjamin Franklin

“It's better to make a quick dime than a slow quarter” I like that one too.

RC: Any advice you can give new dealers?

CH:  Start with what you have or what others have to give you. Be mindful of your investment versus your returns, and if you want to be in it for the long haul, "free" is best... then scale up from there. The merchandise to buy and sell is still abundant.