Jack and Genie Duvall

Jack and Genie Duvall, Oklahoma Natives, Fun Loving Couple that have been married for 32 years and  have been a part of the River City Family since 2009, and two individuals that we absolutely adore.

R.C.: How did the two of you meet?

Genie: We both worked at Halliburton. Actually including me, there were four girls that worked in the office. Three of the girls were named Sue. Jack told a friend that he was "going to date one of the office girls", When he saw the “three Sue's”, he thought Genie may be the one!

Jack: She said it, I didn't! (laughing)

R.C.: When did the two of you decide that you liked to hunt for Antiques?

Genie: I've always loved antiques. Jack really didn't have a passion until he realized that I could make money at it and do it as a business.

R.C.: Do you collect anything?

Genie: I really don't. I mean, I like everything. Whatever I like I get it.

Jack: I don't collect anything. Everything I have is for sale.

R.C. When you look back on your life you have lived at this point, what amazes you the most?

Genie: Actually, what amazes me the most is how well my children have turned out and also the fact that Jack and I have always stayed together. Everyone thought we wouldn't make it, we’ve always known that we would.

Jack: I guarantee you, we've come a long way from where we started. We're really lucky. We've been unlucky but lucky, if you know what I mean.

R.C.: When was the last time that you laughed so hard that you cried?

Gene: Oh my gosh, we do that all of the time! (laughing) Probably at our friend Debbie's.

Jack: What were we laughing about? Oh, that was about two weeks ago. (laughing) We were probably making fun of someone, but  you know....We're right there with them. So what do you do?

Genie: Jack's usually the rude one.

Jack: I'm NOT RUDE to people! (laughing)

R.C.: Do you have any funny “sale” stories?

(Jack pointing his finger at Genie)

Genie: Jack, you're making stories up.

Jack: Genie will be digging through a box, leave it and someone else will take it, then she will gripe to me about it. If you want the box, take it.  I'm nice, but I'm not stupid! (laughing)

R.C.: What is your favorite thing about River City?

Jack: I like all of the people.

Genie: I like the people that work here. They make it easy on us. Most everybody that has ever been here, have always been so helpful.

R.C.: Any advice for new dealers?

Genie: It is work to hunt and find things. When we go to auctions we  see new dealers and they are paying too much for things. I would advise new dealers to watch what they pay for things. It is a learning experience and you cannot second guess what people will buy. You CANNOT second guess.

Jack: Start slow, figure out a niche. When you figure out a niche, let us know. (laughing)

R.C.: At sales, what are you attracted to?

Jack: We look for different things.

Genie: You have to have smalls. That can be your “bread and butter”.  We've been trying to focus on unusual items. We've been going out of State more.

R.C.: What is your most favored “treasure”?

Genie: I found a diamond ring for 8.00.

Jack: I haven't kept anything.

R.C.: How do you complement each other?

Genie: I'll let Jack go first.

Jack: “Genie, your hair looks nice!” (laughing)

Genie: (Shaking head) I keep him calm. We don't agree on everything. We are very opposite individuals. Somehow we complement each other. Our beliefs are the same, we believe in hard work, saving and we don't make a decision without each other. I could make a decision, but we talk about it first.

Jack: There you go....I'm good with that!

Genie: Happy Wife, Happy Life! (both laughing)

R.C.: Last question...If you could pick a theme song for the two of you, what would it be?

Jack: “The Good, The Bad and The Ugly” (laughing)

Genie: Shania Twain - “You're still the one”