"LIFE IS TOO SHORT" and Susan is definitely TALL on life!  Currently, a full-time oncology nurse, Susan exudes life and energy and has a passion for what she (and others) call "Junkin'".


She and her husband Vic, who also works in oncology medicine, live in Bristow on 40 acres.  She started junkin' two and a half years ago, selling her finds in a booth in Bristow.  She now enjoys spending all day, on her days off, in her large space here at River City Trading Post. 

Susan has a knack for making her booth inviting and admits, she never thought of herself as "artsy", "crafty", or even having the ability to "do this".  She says she just buys what she likes.  The real gift for her, is when someone buys the things she likes. 

When we asked Susan where she goes to get her items she confesses to seeing things at auctions, estate sales, and garage sales that others may pass over .  Susan sees the potential in them, she says "I have a plan!"  She looks for things that are different. 

Susan especially loves old trunks and since her home is "lodge-y", she rarely keeps things she purchases to sell in the booth.  However, one recent treasure she found at an estate sale, she is considering:  it's a large metal table with a Formica top and a drawer.  "I may just keep this one", she says with a laugh.

RC:  Do you have a vision for your booth for the next few years?

SF:  Vic and I plan to retire and hit the road in our camper to go junkin'. We are excited about that.  Working in oncology is the best job in the world, we get to give to others, be compassionate and hopefully make each patient's life a bit better.  It also takes its toll on you, which is why we plan to retire young. 

RC:  Did you grow up thinking to have a career in medicine?

SF:  Yes, I always knew I would go into medicine, and at age 17, I worked in a lab, then graduated from TU Nursing in 1990.  I met Vic at St. John's      Hospital at work and we have been together over 35 years.  He has shared his two kids and we enjoy family and especially our 23 year-old  Grandson, Kyle, who is in the Marines.  

RC:  When you are not at work, or here at River City, where is your happy  place?

SF:   Mowing and working in my building.  It's a big 30 X 40 metal building with a potbelly stove, a great workbench, and even a paint booth for me to put my plan into action!  I also love to shoot guns, re-do furniture, and I love to sing.  I was in the Sweet Adeline's and love everything music from Hip-Hop to Bach. 

RC:  What's one of your favorite memories from your childhood?

SF:   Growing up near Branson, Missouri, we weren't rich but Dad bought a boat.  We cleaned and polished and spent a lot of time at Table Rock Lake  skiing and having a great time.  "I think that's when I learned to fix, repair, wallpaper and do all the things I enjoy doing for the booth. 

RC:  What five things could you not do without?

SF:   1.  My Husband,Vic.   2.  My Grandson, Kyle  3.  Living in the Country  4.  My lawn mower   5.  Junkin'

RC:  Is there something about you that might surprise people?

SF:   Well, I killed a Black Bear once.  We were in Canada.  We love          the outdoors.  Oh and that trip? I killed a bear, Vic didn't. (laughing)


So, to wrap up this brief interview with Susan Fife, River City Trading 

Post encourages you to get know her.  She is down to earth, "Real" and will pass forward her advice that LIFE IS TOO SHORT....LIVE IT!

She'll make you glad you do!