Bryan Harper

Described as a loving Father, a go-getter, a kind individual, accomplished photographer, and just maybe, the St. Louis Cardinals biggest fan. We are happy this Vendor is a part of the River City Family. Meet Bryan Harper- 7BH5.

RC: What activity are you looking forward to in the next few months, more than anything else?

BH: Oh gosh, (laughing) I would say the baseball playoffs. I have an opportunity for Cardinals tickets and World Series tickets. Also, the Twins birthdays are in October.

RC: You have twins; Matt and Kate.

BH: Yes, October is their birthday month. Matt wears a size large and Kate.... (laughing) No, Matt is my special needs boy. He works at Walmart and he is my partner. He is a good boy and he helps me out a lot. Kate is an 8th year Senior, just kidding, a Senior at O.S.U. and is majoring in Communications, and is Daddy's girl. Will is 26. He hasn't hit me up for money in a few years. Laughing. Will is a talented Artist. My one syllable name kids. (smiling)

RC: What is the longest line you have ever stood in?

BH: Every year, the Cardinals have a charity autograph session. It is line after line after line. Another time, I stood in one long line for a Play Station game. No Camping though. Even now that I have free time, I wouldn't do that again!

RC: What do you collect or have you collected in the past?

BH: Well, let's see....Since I have the world’s worst memory....I collected baseball cards as a kid, I like records, and I like knives. Knives are one thing that I buy for myself. Autographs and baseballs, mostly. I put them up thinking my kids will care someday... and they won't. (laughing)

RC: What is your favorite thing about River City Trading Post?

BH: (laughing) I like the dealers and people that work here. Everyone is helpful and kind. I enjoy visiting. I don't enjoy moving stuff around. (laughing) It's interesting to see what everyone else is buying and selling.

RC: In your opinion, what is the most beautiful man-made object in the world?

BH: I was just thinking about that the other day.

RC: You were??

BH: No! Good Lord! Make something up for me! (laughing)

RC: Do you have any advice for new dealers?

BH: Um, buy what you know. Work your booth. Don’t get stuck buying the same thing. I'll buy anything that I think will sell. I buy more “Man Stuff”.

RC: We hear you have been to the Antiques Road Show.

BH: Yes, I have been twice. Actually, that may have been the longest line. (laughing) It was interesting, especially in Tulsa. I saw a lot of people. My little league coach was there. The second time was in Shreveport, LA. I had an old homemade golf device from 30's. It wasn't worth anything.

RC: What is your favorite thing about Auctions?

BH: I just started going three or four months ago. My favorite thing is finding things for a low price and finding out what it is worth. You have more items at one location and unusual, different items. I go every Thursday and Saturday.

RC: Funniest experience at a sale?

BH: One sale, they had a free junk pile. There was a kitchen island that they said was broken. I took it home, put four screws in it and sold it for 150.00.

RC: Five things you can't live without:

BH: 1. The kids, of course. 2. Hamburgers 3. Baseball  4. Photography 5. River City Trading Post

RC: Favorite Childhood memory?

BH: Probably something that involved pain. My brother shot me with a BB Gun and also broke my collar bone. (laughing) No, we grew up a couple of blocks from the river before the trails. We rode bikes, had our BB Guns and had Sand Burr Wars. Oh my gosh, they hurt! Good Times back know?