Born in Minnesota, Maggie has been in Oklahoma since a senior in High School. She lives in Tulsa, is an OU Graduate, and has four children. We have been lucky to have Maggie as  part of River City Trading Post for the past twelve years. You can't miss her space as you enter our store. It is a beautifully, put together showcase of vintage doll items and children's collectibles. Please meet Maggie Neal!

M.N: I've always liked children's collectibles. I taught school for twenty years and my Mom used to do shows. When I retired from teaching I started collecting and it grew into items that I loved. I also collect Chintz, children's handkerchiefs and Renwal Doll Furniture.

R.C: Do you have a favorite doll?

M.N: No actually, I like doll clothes better than the dolls. I like 50's dolls that I had when I was little. I have a favorite composition doll in my booth. In my closet, I have a little kitchen that is filled with children's dishes. My Grandchildren love it.

R.C: What is the strangest item that you have had in your booth?

M.N: I sold a collapsible cradle one time. It just smashed together like an accordion. I really do this for the relaxation and I enjoy visiting with the employees at the front. It is one of the “perks” of my location.

R.C: If you could bring back one musician back from the dead, who would it be?

M.N.: Now, that is really a hard one. My first thought went to classical. I really liked John Denver. I used to work at Harrah’s in Lake Tahoe. Frank Sinatra and John Denver were doing a dinner and cocktail show. The resort wouldn't let employees watch the show and John Denver heard about that policy and performed for us after his show. He was so friendly and nice. Classical music calms. There are so many wonderful musicians, it would be hard to pick.

R.C: Any advice to new Vendors?

M.N: Yeah, I think buy what you love and obviously work and re-arrange your booth. Just have fun with it!

C.: Five things you can't live without?

M.N: 1. Faith

2. Well, I do have to have coffee.

3. My I-Phone

4. My Dog

5. Did I already say coffee? (laughing) I have to have a glazed donut every once in a while. Faith and Donuts (laughing)

R.C: If you could time travel, would you go to the past or the future?

M.N: Past for sure. I would go to the time of waltzes and grand balls. I love the music. The 50's were always fun. I had the best childhood. So happy and Go-Lucky. It was nice. We didn't have any worries.