Mike Fretz

A colorful gentleman that has been a part of the River City family for ten plus years; he has lived in the Tulsa area for 40 years, married to his wife Jerry, and Father of two. The public may know him for his community involvement. We know him as the “window man”. A truly nice guy, with a dry sense of humor that tells it like it is. Meet MF46 – Mike Fretz.

RC: You have been a part of the RC Family for over ten years. At what time period in your life did realize that you enjoyed buying and selling?

MF: As a little kid, I've always had a vision of owning a salvage yard, I never did accomplish that dream, so this is as close as I can get.


RC: What made you decide that you wanted to be a dealer at River City Trading Post?

MF: Well, my wife at the time had a booth here and I kept telling her how to run it, so she told me to get my OWN darn booth. 


RC: What do you collect?

MF: I have some jadeite. That's about it. I have bowls, cups, cereal bowls. I bought a jadeite vase the other day. I like the looks of it. I probably saw it as a kid and was attracted to it. Things that I have for sale I buy because I saw it as a kid, so I know it's old. (Smiling)


RC: What is the greatest treasure that you have found?

MF: A Tom Clark – Abraham Lincoln Statue. It's pretty special. A lady wanted 25.00 for it, she wouldn't come down. We kept it. My wife is an Abe fan. It's probably worth 400 to 500 dollars. We also found a featherweight sewing machine for 25.00. It's worth between 300-500 dollars.


RC: Five things you can't live without:

MF: 1. God and Church 2. My Wife 3. Money 4. Coffee 5. River City Trading Post


RC: Tell us about your involvement in the community.

MF: I am a member of Jenks Chamber of Commerce, Home Builders Association, Board of Realtors, Board of the Better Business Bureau, and Tulsa Metro and planning Commission. Sometimes I go to the Republican Club. Friday nights I am usually at the Auction. It's interesting to be involved. You have to base your decision on the facts.


RC: When did you know that you wanted to be a home builder? 

MF: I thought I could do it, but it took several years to get to that point   I've been doing it for over 30 years.  At one time, I was also involved with a development group. We build 8 to 10 homes a year and I use my own name, Mike Fretz, Inc., because I have nothing to hide. (Smiling)


 RC: What would your dream home look like?

MF: I guess I'm easy to please because I am perfectly happy to be living where I am.


RC: What is your strategy at sales?

MF: I buy things at a low price and I sell them at a low price so that dealers and customers can buy from me and still make money. I look for things that I think people will buy, based on past experience. I have tried to get better items over the years and I have some of everything.  I make the most of what I get out of dumpsters or what people give to me. (Smiling)


RC: Do you have a favorite restaurant in Tulsa?

MF: I like McGills on 61st and Yale. The food is good. Ti Amos is a pretty good place too. Mazzios is my favorite in Jenks.


RC: What is your favorite thing about River City?

MF: We get a lot of traffic. If I can't sell here, I probably won't.


RC: Have you ever fought over something at a sale?

MF: Yeah, one time I was negotiating a price with some people at a sale. Some guy chimed in and said he would pay what I offered them. I turned to him and said “I am not negotiating with you”. It was very poor garage sale etiquette on his part.


RC: People call you the “Window King”. You sell a lot of bike wheels too.

MF: Windows are getting harder and harder to find, most windows have already been replaced. I have bought a few Bike Wheels and I sell a few, but they aren't as hot as windows. (Mike supplied most of the windows on the west side of RCTP)


RC: Do you have any advice for new dealers coming in?

MF: Buy Low, Sell Higher and don't run out of cash. (Laughing) You'll make it work, just put it together.


RC: In closing, what is one thing that you are surprised by?

MF: I guess one of the things that surprise me, would be how many people complain about politicians and a large percentage of them don't vote.


RC: Thank you Mike.

MF: Thank you. I am going to go get a haircut.