The cool factor at River City Trading Post increased when the Roden's became dealers in early 2018. When these two walk into a room, you just know they would be fun to have at a party. They are a lively and dynamic duo. Their booth on aisle 12 is stocked with mid-century treasures and eclectic art. He has the perfect hair of a Silver Fox and she has the style befitting a hipster. Jon and Tanda Roden grew up in Duncan, Oklahoma. He was a bit older, but she caught his eye as a member of the pep club. She thought he might be a bit of a rebel, but really cute in those tight, wheat jeans. They were high school sweethearts and have been together over 50 years.

R.C – We know Tanda was a teacher at Metro Christian High School, what was your profession Jon?

We were both Special Education teachers in Oklahoma City. Our combined income at that time was $12,000. We moved to Tulsa in 1974 when I got a job at the Tulsa Vo-Tech. It was quite a step up, my annual salary was $10,000. Tanda worked at Woodcrest Condominiums before getting on at Jenks Schools and later at Metro Christian. I (Jon) have worked mostly in administration, helping to design appropriate accommodations for students at Tulsa Technology Center. Tanda likes variety, she has taught everything from British Literature to History. Everything but math, Tanda adds.

R.C. - Do you have any children? (They both lit right up when we posed this question).

We have one daughter, Victoria and a 16 year old grandson, Grant. We spoil them both. Grant is the light of our life.

R.C. - Have you had any brushes with famous people?

Well... sometime in the late 70's we were enjoying a night out at the Penthouse Club in Tulsa and in walks a big group of people. It was Leon Russell, his wife Mary and a very boisterous entourage. The group sang and danced and had quite a time, Leon was very stoic but seemed to enjoy taking in all of the activity around him.

R.C. - How did you get started junking?

(Jon) I guess I got started when I was a kid. My Dad always took me with him when he went to sales. Now, I go to some kind of sale every could be Estate Sales, the Tulsa Flea Market, The Admiral Flea Market or Auctions. In fact, it makes me mad if I have to miss a weekend.

(Tanda) I didn't always go with Jon to sales. I go more frequently now. I like Estate Sales.

R.C. - Do you collect anything?

Mostly we collect Native American art. Our style has changed over the years. We went from modern to Tuscan to Native American.

R.C. - What is your favorite find?(Tanda) I think my favorite is a large piece of pottery by Cherokee artist, Bill Glass.

(Jon) I love it all, Then he points to Tanda, it is clear she is his favorite find.

R.C. - Do you junk when you are on vacation?

We don't travel a lot. We thought we would when we retired. At the time we had a cat that needed insulin shots twice a day, and Jon just couldn't leave her. Somehow, we have acquired another cat, so.... We junk between Tulsa and Arkansas. We love going to Santa Fe.

R.C. - You always seem to have a hand full of fun concert t-shirts in your booth....

Music is very important to us. We have it on from morning to night Those aren't my personal concert shirts, I wouldn't get rid of my concert shirts.

R.C. - What was your first concert?

(Jon) The Righteous Brothers

(Tanda) We followed Wanda Jackson

R.C – What was your last concert?

We went to Las Vegas to see Wide Spread Panic. The last show we saw was probably Elton John and Leon Russell.

R.C. - What made you decide to get a booth at River City?

Well, we had a storage unit for 22 years and didn't open it for 20. We had no idea what was even in that unit. We didn't know what we were doing when we got started or if we would be doing it for very long. Everyone at River City has been so welcoming and we are having such a good time.

R.C. - What are 5 things you couldn't live without?


1) Family 2) Faith 3) My vacuum cleaners – I have 6 Dysons 4) Being outdoors 5) Blush


1) Family/ Us 2) Collecting 3) Music 4)Wine

R.C. - Do you have any advice for new vendors? We try to keep a sundry of different and diverse things in our booth and that has worked for us so far. So our advice would be to have variety and to keep the booth fresh and changing.

R.C. - Any advice for us to make River City better?

It's great like it is, but a wine bar starting at 4:00 p.m. would make it better for the shoppers and vendors. (Jon) I'd be happy to volunteer as bartender.