Carrie has worked at RCTP since October 2009. Her past experience and great sense of humor makes for a perfect fit as Manager. She is passionate about people, and art runs in her family. Her Dad and Daughter are both talented artists. Carrie paints with decor in mind, and loves painting furniture. Linda and I have several pieces of her hand painted furniture that we love. Originally from the Ozark Foothills in Southern Missouri, hiking and the love of nature are still in her heart. Since moving to Tulsa several years ago, she loves the local music scene. 


Andrea has worked at RCTP since July of 2002. Married for 46 years, has 2 children and two incredible Grandkids. Finding junk and traveling are top priority. Retired after 33 years of working for Getty Oil, Texaco and Chevron, she still finds time to volunteer (for the last 10 years) at the Iron Gate Food Mission. 


Rick came in February of 2009. He loves to eat healthy and work out at the YMCA. Along with his many extraordinary items, Rick and Tracy, his wife of 21 years own the Spice Market booth at RCTP, which they also display at the Cherry Street Farmers Market. He has turned his hobby of junking into a full time career, and has been featured in the National book "Room Recipes". Rick's incredible talent at displaying items in our vignettes is legendary.


Yvette originally started at RCTP in 2005, left for a while, came back and now we can't seem to shake her. She loves gardening, traveling, outdoor activities and her lovable dogs. Has a great fun attitude and knows where every fire extinguisher in the store is located! 


Rhiannon, since she came here in the fall of 2013, has been a great asset to RCTP. She is married to Jarrod, a nursing student. She loves Jesus and likes to crochet and play a guitar. 


Sherri, a mother of three children has been married 26 years. She loves to junk, raise flowers in her garden, and loves to go to Grand Lake--a lot! Most of her career was in sales selling natural beauty products and health food products. 


Lauren has lived in the Tulsa area since 2005. She splits her time working between "918 Coffee" on 11 street as a Barista and RCTP. She is an artist, who enjoys painting as well as coffee art.  She also enjoys local food, music and the art scene of Tulsa. She has a passion for gardening and for long road trips with friends.


Amy is a native Tulsan and mother of three. She began working at RCTP in September of 2016 after being a stay at home Mom for 20 years. She enjoys cooking, reading and beach time. Learning the art of upholstery several years ago she loves breathing new life into vintage pieces. 


Greg is a native Tulsan and is raising his two sons with wife, Wendy. He is a long time musician and artist/artisan specializing in decorative concrete furniture and design. Greg enjoys writing music, coaching his son's sports, junking, classes at OSU American Studies, and walking his malamute. If you ever see Greg a bid desheveled at work it's because he wears many hats but continues, undaunted in his pursuit to keep rockin in the free world!


Kim has always been passionate about fashion and retail. After attending OSU, she operated a Tulsa consignment boutique for 22 years. When not scouring the Tulsa area for fascinating items to repurpose, Kim likes to spend time with her family and work our at the gym.