Born in Shawnee, OK, a loving Mother, Grandmother, sister and friend, Yvonne Wagoner, YW54, has been a part of the River City family since 2003. Her booth has a following and it is one that you are very familiar with. The most favorite thing about being a vendor at River City Trading Post would be the people that she meets. “Things that make you happy are the friends you make.” “It feeds the soul.” Her Sister, Carolyn is a Vendor here too. She has met so many people here at RCTP. “I am blessed. It gives you the opportunity to have a new identity.”


RC: Do you collect?

YW: I try not to anymore. I have dolls. Madame Alexander dolls, Tony Dolls, and Revlon dolls. I have about twenty. My pride and Joy is my Mary Hartline Doll. She had a show with Howdy Doody. All of my dolls are original.


RC: What is the best treasure that you have found?

YW: It may be my Elk Antlers. (Laughing) I was with Carolyn, and I found a bench once. It was very valuable.


RC: Do you and your sister, Carolyn shop together?

YW: We don't garage sale together. She hates to shop, so I am going to say no.


RC: Do you have any funny yard sale stories?

YW: Yes, I have a hilarious one! One day, Me and Carolyn were together and we saw this GREAT, garage sale. Palm trees, statues, etc. Carolyn asked how much something was and the person said they were setting up for a party! It was so funny! Carolyn is so brave. She'll ask anything. I just sat in the car. (laughing)


RC: If you could travel anywhere, where would it be?

YW: I would probably want to go back to France. You can't believe what you're seeing. You don't really need a camera. Your eyes take a picture and it becomes a part of you.


RC: Do you have a favorite childhood memory?

YW: We were so fortunate. High school, Honestly, high school memories? That was probably the most fun in my whole life. We lived through Polio, Whooping cough, and we drank out of the garden hose. Growing up in the 50's was a blessing. We all know that. I also like my life now.


RC: If you could bring any fictional or non-fictional character from a book or a movie, whom would you choose?

YW: I love to read. It might be “Claire”. (Laughing) (“Outlander” fans will know who Claire is) I like historical. I am reading Kathryn the Great right now. I would bring to life Marie Antoinette. Only because I got to go to Versailles, after that, I read everything that I could get my hands on.  She was a victim of an arranged marriage. I like to read about women, what makes them tick, scared or happy. He's not a woman, but I like George Washington too.


RC: If rain could fall in any scent, what scent would you want it to be?

YW: You know, I love perfume. I think it would be “Flower Bomb”


RC: Do you have any yard sale strategies?

YW: Yes, you have to be there early. I'm at sales by 7:30. If I like it, someone else will love it.


RC: Five things you can't live without: 

1. Good Health for my Family

2. Mexican Food

3. Perfume

4. Brighton

5. World Peace


RC: Do you have any advice for new Vendors?

YW: You need to come in twice a week. Re-arrange and make it fresh. We have regular customers that come in. Working your booth makes it look different.