Kathy Hanson


Kathy Hanson A.K.A. KH57 is married with grown children and just became a first time grandmother. Kathy owns Casey's Catering an awesome and tasty catering business.  It's just one of her full time jobs. She also rents a few spaces at River City. She's one of our most successful BUSY dealers.  Many customers will remember her number, her booths and her style. She has lots of energy, is a true go-getter and loves what she does. She has a little something for everyone.  We've posed some hard hitting questions for her so read, ENJOY, smile and laugh!


R: So Kathy, how long have you been in the business?

KH:  I think around 16 years. I came 2 years after RCTP opened. I'm not the oldest dealer but I am one of the oldest. LOL!


R:  How does a busy woman like you wind down when you own a successful catering business and when you're consistently one of the TOP dealer's at the River Store? I mean really, YOU ARE ALWAYS BUSY.

KH:  I sleep. I crash.....but my favorite thing to do is work my booth. It is the thrill of the hunt and a great thrill when a customer finds something in my booth. I like to hide when people are in my booth, maybe a couple of booths down. I like to listen to what they say about my booth. (LAUGHING) It makes me feel so good when they like what I have to offer. Don't you ever hide and listen to people? (LAUGHING)


R:  As I've already mentioned a few times, you are one of our TOP dealers. What's your strategy?

KH:  Shopping EARLY and finding old furniture. I feel like I have good pricing and that keeps my customers coming back. I work my booth and continually rearrange.


R:  This is totally random but I must ask. So when did you get your first kiss?(Kathleen asked this)

KH:  My first kiss was the summer when I was 13. It was at my hometown public swimming pool. A cute guy name Tim...2 years older than me, (scandalous) kissed me with a "french kiss"!! Not expecting that, so I dove in the pool with my mouth open to RINSE IT ALL OUT!!!


R:  What do you like most about the River Store? 

KH:  OMG, EVERYTHING!!! I am an addict, a TRUE ADDICT!!!


R:  Does your husband like to junk and what is his biggest pet peeve?

KH:  No, he doesn't like to junk but he doesn't complain either. He just does not get it. He hates that he does not get his garage.  I am a control freak and he is a great husband.  He likes to see me happy and I don't buy anything that I can't lift myself


R:  As a kid, did you constantly rearrange your room? 

KH:  I did and constantly when I first got married. I inherited this trait from my mother. I grew up attending yard sales and auctions.


R:  How would you describe your personal style?

KH:  You know, my style is different at home than in my booth.  To be honest, I'm very bland at my house.  Neutral colors. I have a rustic, western style home.  I am more colorful and shabby in my booth.  I get to live out my fantasy at the River Store!!! 


R:  What was the first concert you ever attended?

KH:  Marshall Tucker Band


R:  And the last?

KH:  Foghat and Blue Oyster Cult.


R:  So, are you still a rocker?

KH:  Yes, I am still a rocker. Fleetwood Mac is my all time #1 band and always will be. I just wish Christine McVie would come out of the woodwork.


R:  What's your most prized possession that you discovered while junking?

KH:  A very wealthy lady that was getting divorced and selling everything for $1.00. I purchased an autographed print of an Oscar that was signed by all the Oscar winners that year. It was 1999, the year that TITANIC won. I still have it and love it! I believe she paid $4,000.00 for it in a silent auction.


R:  What advice would you give new dealers?

KH:  Don't worry so much about painting your booth.  You want to just fill it with stuff and we want to look at your stuff. You should have your walls covered with merchandise. Stack things at eye level. We don't want to see your paint.

Thanks Kathy! It's been a treat!!!