Pam Adams

This wonderful lady has been a part of the River City Family since 2010. She is a talented individual who indeed has an eye for buying and selling, Interior Design and Decor. Married for 47 years, a individual who is invested in our community, a lady with true class as well as taste. When we say “taste”, meaning that she can give any Tulsa Food Critic a run for their money. Meet Pam Adams. 2PA7.


RC: How long have you and Charlie been married? How long have you lived in the Tulsa area?

P.A.: Laughing- I am blank on the first question. Charlie and I have been married for 47 years and in the Tulsa area for 40 years.


RC: How did you get started in Antiques, Decor and Design?

P.A.: Being a Stay-At-Home Mom, needing extra money I was able to buy and sell. Buying and selling, I was constantly upgrading. 47 years later I am still upgrading. Laughing


R.C.: Do you decorate your home like your booth?

P.A.: Not always. I buy what I think other people will like and what I think is decorative ,collectible, and reasonable for the buyers.


R.C.: What is the most treasured item that you have ever found at a sale?

P.A.: Oh my, I mean there have been “tons”. I can't put a finger on it because there have been so many. I would have to say artwork. Some of my old, Antique paintings and old crocks.


R.C.: Have you ever passed up anything that you have regretted?

P.A.: Oh, all of the time! Laughing- Yeah, that's all of the time. I can think of things I've sold that I've wished I would have kept. I'm pretty easy about letting things go. I'll sell just about anything.

Charlie will too.


R.C.: Do you and Charlie collect?

P.A.: Ha! Yes! Charlie primarily collects Indian baskets, rugs, pottery and art. My favorites are: Antique Santos, crocks, and old antique wine bottles.


R.C.: What is the funniest thing you have seen at a sale?

P.A.: Oh Gosh, there are all kinds of people grabbing for things. Years ago, one sale in particular, there was a little piece of Red and White Transfer-ware. I picked it up and a guy came up to me and said they were buying it. I ended up keeping it, but I still see them at every sale and wonder if they remember me. Smiling.

R.C.: First come, First Serve.

P.A.: Exactly!


R.C.: Your time is invested in different Organizations in the community. Tell us about them.

P.A.: I volunteer at The Little Light House where I am on the Garden Party Committee decorating and helping raise funds for the school. The Little Light House is for special needs children, founded in Tulsa by Marcia Mitchell. New Life Homes is another organization that I volunteer with. It supports women coming out of prison. It is rewarding and it also uses my talent in decorating.


R.C.: We know you are a “foodie”. Currently, your TOP restaurants in Tulsa area?

P.A.: KEO – It is healthy and has spice. That is what we like. WATERFRONT GRILL- We go there for their great patio and food. Ridgegrill has a great patio too. Our newest restaurant that we like to go to is LAFFA. Located downtown, Medi-Eastern, it is unique and different. We typically don't like chains. We like local.


R.C.: Favorite place to vacation?

P.A.: Santa Fe, Italy and France. Italy is laid back with beautiful countrysides. I like the wine in Italy. I never had wine until Italy. Now it is a necessity for my heart! Laughing


R.C.: While in Santa Fe you ended up being extras in the film “Crazy Heart”. Starring Jeff Bridges.

P.A.: AGAINST CHARLIES WILL! Laughing. Yes, we have four seconds of fame near the end of the film, during the Opera House scene. Charlie was not a happy camper. We sat there for four hours and he was forced to do it. Laughing.


R.C.: Five things you can't live without.

P.A.: Dark Chocolate, Eating at KEO, Family (you can't do without your family), Santa Fe, the bible and my faith in Christ.


R.C: In closing, what advice would you give to new dealers?

P.A.: Buy Cheap, purchase for your clientele. Know what they are looking for and what you like as well.