An Oklahoma Native, raised in Porum, Oklahoma, this gentleman has been a part of the River City family since 2009.  A quiet, friendly individual who works hard in stocking his booth for his frequent customer base, who faithfully come in each week seeking Golf Balls, Clubs, Glasses, Books, Brewery and Soda Advertisements. The list goes on and on! Married, has two children, and a Grandfather of five,  meet Ron Goodner, 8RG0.


RC:  Do you map out your sales and how much time do you spend at a sale?

RG:  I go in quadrants and I have them all according to my route.  It varies, according to what the sale has.  I have spent two minutes to thirty minutes at a sale.

RC:  What kind of items do you look for?

RG:  I look for things that I like.  Sports Memorabilia, Soda and Brewery Advertisements, Glasses, Steins, and anything else that I think someone will buy.  Sometimes it's good, sometimes it's trash.  But it's fun!  I never know what I am going to find.  An Adventure!

RC:  You bring a variety of items, what is your best seller?

RG:  Well, I sell a lot of beer glasses with advertisements.  Precious moments and other figurines.  I get those moving.  Barbie has slowed in sales and also in finding them.  Everything hinges on what I find.  I deal in high volume.  I re-sale at a price that is good for the buyer and myself.

RC:  Do you have a "treasure" that you have purchased and cannot part with?

RG:  No, LOL!  Anymore, there is nothing.  I no longer collect.  I have nothing that I won't part with.  LOL

RC:  Did you collect anything as a small boy?

RG:  I remember having a pop lid collection.  I made up games with those. LOL  I had them underneath my bed.  A lot of fantasy playing. (smiling)

RC:  What movie has had the greatest emotional impact on you?

RG:  Oh my gosh, Oh give me a minute.  Probably, "To Kill A Mockingbird". I think the types of movies that try to emulate how we treat people are the themes that I like.  I like comedies after that.

RC:  What is your favorite thing about River City?

RG:  Well, number one would have to be the people that work here. They are really good and helpful.  I have probably never been in a mall that has the flow and traffic as RCTP.  The traffic makes it  worth selling my wares.  Also, the other dealers.  I enjoy the nice acquaintances here.

RC:  Are you competitive at sales?

RG:  Smiling- I don't feel competitive.  I joke with people that I am the "bottom feeder" at sales. I like to get there first, but I don't do anything unethical.

RC:  Have you seen any fights at sales?

RG:  I've seen some close calls, a lot of words, but not any blows struck.

RC:  When did you get interested in selling your items?

RG:  Well, you know, I used to do the Tulsa Flea Market on and off before retirement.  It started a progression of different ones.  I've had it in my blood for a long time.

RC:  If you could have an original of anything in the world, what would it be?

RG:  Gee, Oh my gosh, Art doesn't really do anything for me, or treasures.  Oh, what would that be? Today, we have technology to take pictures of our kids every emotion.  We didn't have the digital cameras like today, when our kids were little.  I would like to have more pictures of my kids when they were young, like people take today.  It's hard to visualize what my son or daughter looked like  at two years of age.

RC:  Any advice for new dealers?

RG:  You know, everyone just has to go with what interests them.  Just because you like something  real well, doesn't mean that 95% of the other people will.  I try to stay away from  things that I like real well.  Things do change and you have to remember that.  I used to  sell steins for 300.00.  Now, I sell them for 25.00.

RC:  Thank you, Ron!